A drizzle in the sun #nofilter #imgoodatthis #scenic #summer  (at Hobson Creek)

A drizzle in the sun #nofilter #imgoodatthis #scenic #summer (at Hobson Creek)

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kray814 asked: Why do you think Democrats and Liberals have been able to convince women and others that there is a "War on Women"?


Because if there isn’t a war on women, there is a concerted effort to dismiss the independence of women by challenging their ability to make choices about their own lives and health, there is a blatant ignorance of what women’s rights truly means and the daily threats women face just by leaving their homes, there is widespread income inequality in the professional world between men and women, there are several hundred years of judicial decisions that ignore their effect on women, and a disturbing lack of understanding of the fact that just because men and women are different sexes doesn’t mean they are different species, and that human rights apply to all humans. Yes, all humans. 

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Spongebob - I Don’t Like

this is historically significant

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trying to run away from my problems like


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